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A brilliant mind may have an innovative idea every now and then. But we are sure that we can achieve ongoing success only with a brilliant team full of conviction and enthusiasm, trust and pride – in short: through fabulous PEOPLE.

We unite them in our team of designers and product(ion) specialists, sales and marketing experts, technologists and internal service providers. Our team spirit is unique. It inspires us to cultivate our independence, care for our sustainability and continuously strive for greater achievements.

It permits us to keep watch over the quality of our work with the utmost care in order to develop outstanding products. We are a family run business and look to the stars with great pride. We do so knowing that our eyewear have accompanied astronauts on several space research missions. What a legacy. Let us together make the future a place we can look forward to.

Welcome to the team! Welcome to Silhouette International!

Silhouette International honoured as “Best Employer”

250 of 800 Silhouette International employees in Linz - there being a total of 1,500 employees worldwide - were selected at random to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about their employer in the scope of the “Great Place to Work” initiative.

The happy results: 94% of staff think it is a very good place to work. This makes Silhouette International, founded in 1964, one of Austria's best employers.

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