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Badge 50 years of excellence

Design engineer/mechanical engineering

Apprenticeship: 4 years

Job description:

The design engineer apprenticeship focuses on mechanical engineering and tooling technology.

Design engineers plan projects in the toolmaking and mechanical engineering areas and then implement them from a construction and drawing standpoint. For this purpose, the designers use computers and computerised systems (CAD = Computer Aided Design, CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing). With this data they mostly program, set up and monitor automated production equipment (CNC machines). During assembly they combine the various parts, optimise tools and machines and put them into operation.

Important training content:

• Preparation of drawing of components and units in accordance with standards.
• The design and completion of machinery and systems in the mechanical engineering and toolmaking areas.
• Completion of specialist calculations.
• Commissioning and improvement of designs.

Any questions about a skilled trade?

Karin Weger, Human Resource Management
Person in charge of trainees and contact for familiarization days

e-mail: personal@silhouette.com
Telephone: +43 732 3848