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Dual apprenticeship: Toolmaker – Plastics shaper

Apprenticeship: 4 years

Job description:


No work can be done without the right tools. Toolmakers assemble cutting and punching tools and injection and casting moulds. They also create the jigs with which tools are brought into the correct position on the machines for processing. In addition, toolmakers also repair and maintain their products.

Additional training content:

• Production, assembly and checking of cutting, punching and forming tools, commissioning and repairs
• Production and installation of spare parts
• Programming and operation of computerized machine tools (CNC)
Plastics shaper
Objects made of synthetic materials play an important role in every industry.
They are manufactured using high-quality, computer-controlled semi-automatic and fully automatic technical machines and equipment.
Plastics shapers prepare this equipment for the respective production steps, optimize the manufacturing process, oversee the quality of the products and determine the necessary measures when disruptions occur. In addition, they also carry out enhancements to the surface of the products, including hardening, printing or embossing.

Important training content:
• Reading and application of work drawings and technical documentation
• Combination and preparation of raw and working materials
• Application of various materials processing techniques such as measuring, drilling, grinding, polishing and gluing
• Processing of machinable and non-machinable synthetic materials and semi-finished synthetic products
• Manufacturing of products made from all types of synthetic materials using industry standard production techniques
• Surface finishing
• Salvaging and proper disposal of residual products

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