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IT Technician

Apprenticeship: 3,5 years

Job description:

Information technology products are the tools of today’s business world: Computers, networks, printers, fax and modem devices, copiers, etc. are at work every day in offices across the world. IT technicians install and configure individual and network workstations and components, maintain them and eliminate any errors that occur.

Additional training content:

• Setting up workstations
• Reading and applying technical documentation
• Determining the necessary work steps, tools and work methods
• Expert selection, procurement and assessment of the required resources and materials and electronic data processing programs
• Professional use of programming tools and programming methods
• Installing, connecting, configuring and testing devices and networks (hardware) and the necessary electronic data processing programs (software)
• Repairing and exchanging devices and individual network components and parts along with the corresponding electronic data processing programs (software)
• Providing consultation and training for users
• Managing and backing up data
• Creating documentation and collecting technical data pertinent to setting up hardware and software

Any questions about a skilled trade?

Karin Weger, Human Resource Management
Person in charge of trainees and contact for familiarization days

Telephone: +43 732 3848