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Badge 50 years of excellence

Office Clerk m/f

Apprenticeship: 3 years

Job description:

The office is the heart of a company and clerical workers ensure that it runs smoothly. They make certain that the most important facts and figures, including receipts, expenses, production costs and information about wages and salaries, are always close at hand. In addition, they are responsible for supervising deadlines, calculations and petty cash, as well as the handling of payment transactions.

Additional training content:

• Handling of incoming and outgoing mail.
• Correct and proper preparation of project-related texts and documentation.
• Purchasing and administration of stocks (e.g. office materials).
• Completion of payment transactions.
• Customer support and information.

Any questions about a skilled trade?

Karin Weger, Human Resource Management
Person in charge of trainees and contact for familiarization days

e-mail: personal@silhouette.com
Telephone: +43 732 3848