Badge 50 years of excellence


Apprenticeship: 3,5 years

Job description:

Opticians examine their customers’ vision, obtain biometric data (biometrics = anthropometry) and make and supply the appropriate corrective lenses. They provide their customers with expert advice on sport and protective eyewear and sunglasses along with other optical and meteorological devices.

Additional training content:

• Correcting ametropia (near and farsightedness, etc.) with the help of corrective lenses (eyeglasses, contact lenses)
• Providing customers advice on their selection of eyewear
• Processing work materials such as glass, plastic and metal manually (by hand) or using a machine
• Crafting lenses and adjusting them to fit eyeglass frames
• Repairing glasses

Any questions about a skilled trade?

Karin Weger, Human Resource Management
Person in charge of trainees and contact for familiarization days

Telephone: +43 732 3848