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Surfacing technician - electroplating

Apprenticeship: 3,5 years

Job description:

Surfacing technicians in the field of electroplate finishing refine and embellish metal and non-metal surfaces. In doing so they make the surfaces durable and improve the properties of the material (e.g. by hardening). They coat the metals by dipping them in baths and conducting electricity through them (galvanic baths/galvanizing technology).

Surfacing technicians - galvanics work in workshops, laboratories and production halls in commercial and industrial operations together with professional colleagues in the fields of plastics and metals finishing.

Additional training content:

• Planning the preparation, treatment and post-treatment work based on the technical documentation
• Preparing the work pieces for the surface treatment (simple sanding, polishing, scratching, glossing, blasting, barrel finishing)
• Coating the metals in galvanic baths (operating the machines and systems for surface treatment, monitoring the work steps and results)
• Chemical post-treatment of the surface by degreasing, staining, rinsing, etc.
• Performing basic care, maintenance and simple repairs on the machines, systems and equipment
• Recording and monitoring the technical data on the work processes (quality control and assurance)

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