Badge 50 years of excellence

Silhouette International honoured
as “Best Employer”

250 of 800 Silhouette International employees in Linz - worldwide the company has about 1,500 employees - were selected at random to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about their employer in the scope of the “Great Place to Work” initiative. The survey results were supported by organisational culture audits in the companies’ HR departments.

The happy results: 94% of staff think it is a very good place to work. This makes Silhouette International, founded in 1964, one of Austria's best employers. “

The international specialist for high-quality eyewear with headquarters in Linz participated in the “Great Place to Work” for the second time since 2008 and was able to place in the top 5 of Upper Austrian companies evaluated.

Bringing a smile to your child’s face!

Highest standards of childcare in the inter-company nursery "RoSiPez"

To assist our employees with childcare and to aid the compatibility of a career while also having a family, we decided together with, Rosenbauer and Pez/Haas Group, two other major companies in our vicinity to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The nursery "RoSiPez" was established. "RoSiPez" is a place where care, education and vocational training are an essential part of the establishment. The objective of the nursery "RoSiPez" is to allow parents the option to get back to their career without hindrance – allowing them to work while at the same be assured their child/children are being well taken care of. The children are able to learn and experiment in an atmosphere that supports their needs.

Our employees kids are taken care of at the "RoSiPez" nursery in the best possible manner and very close by, which in itself is also a reassuring matter for working parents.


Experience our health management – Get to know our responsibility…

We are proud of our team whose effort and commitment contribute to the success of our company. For more than 50 years now, we have been dealing very conscientiously with the responsibility for our human resources and our positive experience motivates us to continue our contribution to the health of our employees.

Under the motto “Cultural change instead of an apple during the break”, we wish to live up to our responsibility today and in the future and therefore initiated the “Silvital” program in 2010. “Silvital” stands for a holistic understanding of health in terms of physical, mental and social equilibrium.

“Silvital” is built on a broad foundation at Silhouette! It is supported by our employees. “Employees move employees.” Silvital is anchored in our company culture and is a (permanent) part of our culture and values.

It is oriented to needs and desires. This is confirmed by having twice received the (Workplace Health Promotion – Betriebliche-Gesundheits-Förderung) BGF seal and the awarding of the BGF national prize for the best Austrian program.

Silvital in pictures