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Badge 50 years of excellence

Sales representative adidas Sport eyewear, Germany

„Each and every day, I motivate myself in the field – that calls for discipline.“

Britta Lüßem

Sales Representative adidas Sport eyewear, Germany

Interview with Britta Lüßem

„Stay with it, listen to your gut feeling, never give up.“

Britta Lüßem

My job at Silhouette International
I joined Silhouette International in 2002 and have been working as a sales rep for the adidas Sport eyewear licensed brand there since 2008. I take care of our clients in my area. That includes primarily sales and the presentation of new products, but also the development and presentation of the brand and product training sessions. I am simply there for my clients whenever they need advice on something.

What presents the greatest challenge
In my job, I am on the road on my own a lot. That means that I cannot be a part of some things sometimes, simply because I have appointments. All told though, that doesn’t hold me back. I appreciate it that every day is different and that I don’t have fixed working hours.

What I like best about it
In my job, you see success immediately. If I have been able to convince someone about a product and he has bought it from me, then I am just happy.