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Badge 50 years of excellence

Trainee Toolmaker – Plastics shaper

"Always approach your work with a positive attitude and never give up."

Aisha Carrington

Trainee Toolmaker and Plastics shaper

Interview with Aisha Carrington

"We give our best daily – for a fantastic end product."

Aisha Carrington

My path to Silhouette International
Before I started my training, I attended an academic high school, but somehow I had the feeling that I wasn’t learning there what I needed in my life. While searching for a firm where I could be trained, I came across Silhouette International. I was able to try things out for a day and then found the skilled trade for me.

My job and what I like best about it
In my department, we produce the tools for manufacturing eyewear. We must be precise, develop a feel for the materials and always think anew about how to best tackle the individual steps. We begin with the raw materials and can witness in detail the development up to the finished piece. That somehow reflects my own development.

The most important qualities for my job
Those are skill, ambition and patience. If at times I can’t do something right away, I try to start over again and just make the best of it.