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Virtually meet and discover people and their stories from various departments and countries!

International and globally represented, that’s exactly what Silhouette International stands for!

Current job descriptions

<p>Florence Bay</p>


Sales Representative, France
Florence Bay
<p>Sandra van Renterghem</p>


PR & Marketing Manager, Benelux
Sandra van Renterghem
<p>Alessandro Seidita</p>


Sales Representative, Italy
Alessandro Seidita
<p>Talal El-Chichakli</p>


Regional Sales Director, Middle East
Talal El-Chichakli
<p>Trist Pfister</p>


Sales Account Executive, USA
Trist Pfister
<p>Jürgen Genz</p>


Sales Representative, Germany
Jürgen Genz
<p>Esad Balic</p>


Product Service Manager, USA
Esad Balic
<p>Montse Gil</p>


Marketing & Communications Manager, Spain
Montse Gil
<p>Luiz Pissutto</p>


Managing Director, Silhouette Brazil
Luiz Pissutto
<p>Ingvill Houmb-Sjölin</p>


Managing Director, Silhouette Nordic
Ingvill Houmb-Sjölin
<p>Britta Lüßem</p>


Sales Representative adidas Sport eyewear, Germany
Britta Lüßem
<p>Karen Parsons</p>


Head of Marketing, UK
Karen Parsons
<p>Diana Downs</p>


Director of Sales - Key Accounts and Business Development, USA
Diana Downs
<p>Stefanie Einsiedler</p>


Corporate Communication Specialist
Stefanie Einsiedler
<p>Thomas Windischbauer</p>


Member of the Executive Board - COO
Thomas Windischbauer
<p>Bettina Hochwimmer</p>


Master Optician
Bettina Hochwimmer
<p>Wilhelm Keplinger</p>


Adjuster in the Printing Department
Wilhelm Keplinger
<p>Claudia Hesina</p>


Customer Service staff member
Claudia Hesina
<p>Jarka Sykorova</p>


Head of Administration, Czech Republic
Jarka Sykorova
<p>Michaela Weinberger</p>


Michaela Weinberger
<p>Roman Wingert</p>


Head of IT Competence Center
Roman Wingert
<p>Eva Keil</p>


Head of Optician Service and Repair
Eva Keil
<p>Lenka Strajtova</p>


Machine Setter, Czech Republic
Lenka Strajtova
<p>Dominik Füreder</p>


Product Manager
Dominik Füreder
<p>Günther Mülleder</p>


Quality Manager
Günther Mülleder
<p>Martin Lauber</p>


Construction Engineer
Martin Lauber
<p>Jürgen Albert</p>


Manufacturing Technology Engineering
Jürgen Albert
<p>Philipp Gruber</p>


Trainee in ophthalmic optics
Philipp Gruber
<p>Mario Huemer</p>


Trainee in design
Mario Huemer
<p>Dieter Brandstädter</p>


Area Sales Manager
Dieter Brandstädter
<p>Roland Keplinger</p>


Head of Design
Roland Keplinger
<p>Dietmar Schneider</p>


CNC Milling Operator and CAD Construction Engineer
Dietmar Schneider
<p>Peter Mitterbauer</p>


Sports and Event Marketing
Peter Mitterbauer
<p>Ernst Zachhuber</p>


Master Production Scheduling & Supply Chain Management
Ernst Zachhuber
<p>Aisha Carrington</p>


Trainee Toolmaker and Plastics shaper
Aisha Carrington
<p>Herta Rührnessl</p>


Employee in the Plastic Surfaces Processing Department
Herta Rührnessl
<p>Tarek El-Dabbagh</p>


Head of Human Resources
Tarek El-Dabbagh