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Badge 50 years of excellence

A Unique view

Superior technology and maximum precision for optimum quality

The scope of activities of Silhouette International comprise of the design, production and marketing of ophthalmic frames and sunwear in metal and synthetics. 2017 Silhouette International evolves to become a supplier of all-in-one lenses and frames. This includes the production of optical lenses at the company headquarters in Linz, manufactured according to the highest technical standards and custom-made for Silhouette’s eyewear collections.

In addition to its own brands Silhouette and neubau eyewear, the company also manufactures frames under license for the brand adidas Sport eyewear. These three brands allow us to reach diverse markets and customers target groups. The headquarters based in Linz/Austria is represented in about 100 countries due to its worldwide marketing network. Silhouette International export business represents over 95 % of the revenue, proof of its international orientation.

The collections are crafted from the finest materials and always made to the highest quality in Austria ensuring a clear commitment to Europe as a production site.

Silhouette International employs a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff, who contribute to the company’s success. This is all thanks to the company’s endless pioneering standards for the entire industry. NASA, too, places its trust in the know-how and competence of Silhouette.


Silhouette International is the benchmark in premium eyewear. We are the market leader in premium eyewear, creating high-quality products for perfect sight correction and sight protection. Outstanding quality combined with unique aesthetics give our brand its allure, turning every glasses-wearer into a fan of our products.


Everyone wearing glasses, everyone wanting to see and protect their eyes perfectly, while looking their best at the same time, enjoys wearing eyewear from Silhouette International.