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Badge 50 years of excellence


The long road to eyewear

The road was long from the first visual aid to an accessory of the greatest technological and design perfection.

Today we can choose between the delicate, almost invisible film of rimless eyewear or a spectacular fashion statement,
between respectability, fun or illusion.

In 1964, we introduced the first Silhouette eyewear to the world, 1993 the first adidas Sport eyewear glasses.

Two people systematically pursue their ideas and visions, turning them into reality: Anneliese and Arnold Schmied make eyewear more than just a seeing aid, namely an accessory for better vision and appearance. Taking center stage is individuality – that of the person as well as that of the eyewear.

The “Silhouette Journal” is published for the first time. Throughout the years, it becomes one of the most important stages for Silhouette.

The spectacular “Futura” causes a furor and is one of the first brand ambassadors, becoming an icon of the ’70s. Today the "Futura" is a highly coveted collector's item.

With a plastic called SPX® Silhouette succeeds in creating a plastic for the production of eyewear that finally heralds in the age of lightness.

In the sports eyewear sector, Silhouette sets new benchmarks with regard to functionality, protection, fit and design with the adidas Sport eyewear licensed brand.

Since 2000, Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art has been approved (certified) for space flight. The eyewear weighs only 1.8 grams and guarantees a perfect grip.

With its Crystal Collection, Silhouette conjures up a sparkle in the eye and on the face.

Introducing the latest interpretation of the most successful collection in Silhouette’s history – Titan Minimal Art. The Icon.

Silhouette celebrates its 50th anniversary with a reinterpretation of the cult classic “Futura”.

Design cooperations

Selected designers tap the potential of individualizing the Silhouette icon – Titan Minimal Art – anew. Their personal design signatur lends the iconic eyewear a new look.

New brand "neubau eyewear"

neubau eyewear is an homage to creativity, innovation and the zeitgeist of the Millennial Generation.

Silhouette Vision Sensation®
The sensation of perfect vision.

Premium frames combined with bespoke lenses. Seeing without boundaries.

In 2018, we produced our 100,000,000th pair of glasses, using the best materials.

Silhouette garnered worldwide acclaim with the introduction of its “Titan Minimal Art” eyewear, characterized by its incredible lightness and optimal comfort. In 2019, the design icon celebrates its twentieth birthday.