Badge 50 years of excellence


Values shape people. Values shape societies. Values shape companies.

These are our values:

• Family-owned business
• Fairness
• Open mind set
• Quality & top class
• Sense of responsibility
• Pursuit of innovation
• Team spirit

And it is these values that form the basis for the sustainable, steady growth of our company, as well as the respectful and open-minded relationship to staff, customers, suppliers and consumers.

Family-owned business

Our family-owned business stands for independence, financial strength and sustainability.

We are proud to be an Austrian family-owned business with a strong international focus and global dealings.


Reliability, respect, integrity, appreciation and trust is what we, above all, deem as fairness.

We believe a considerate and sensitive approach is the basis of a successful and sustainable relationship.

Open mind set

The various cultures and influences our international company is exposed to strengthens and shapes our identity – and is both part of our history and future.

Quality & top class

Our top-class products are based on our uncompromising quality and our daily strive for peak performance in all areas and procedures.

Sense of responsibility

Through our social and appreciative mindset and our environmentally aware actions, we, as one of the leading eyewear specialists worldwide, place particular emphasis on sustainable management and responsible entrepreneurship.

Pursuit of innovation

A permanent striving for leadership in design and technology places Silhouette International in a very special light. As in any family, only progress, pioneering spirit and willingness to take risks lead to success.

Team spirit

To be there for each other and to be able to rely on one another – that is what constitutes the collective team spirit of Silhouette International and strengthens the structure of the team.