Safety and customer service spotlighted at Silhouette International

The health of our employees has always been our top priority at Silhouette International. That is why we put extensive precautionary measures in place both at our Linz headquarters and throughout our sales operations in other countries to protect our employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that the number of cases in Austria has fallen, we can see that our collective solidarity and personal efforts during this challenging period have been effective in fighting the virus. We are therefore very pleased to report that the many measures that have been put in place at our headquarters have been relaxed over the past three weeks.

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Two people systematically pursue their ideas and visions, turning them into reality: Anneliese and Arnold Schmied make eyewear more than just a seeing aid, namely an accessory for better vision and appearance.

From Linz to the world – the first eyewear is greeted enthusiastically, setting new standards.